Asala Al Muhafidha Trading

Asala Al Muhafidha Trading LLC


Asala Al Muhafidha Trading was established in 2008 in the Sultanate of Oman in the sector of building and construction contract (general constructions of residential and non-residential buildings), Export and Import. Asala Al Muhafidha Trading currently has a robust and diverse portfolio in various industries, and has offices in the UK as well.

Asala Al Muhafidha Trading has investments in at least five industrial sectors, with no one sector comprising more than 35% of the portfolio thus ensuring room for strategic growth. We understand that sectors such as technology, precious metals, commodities and Real Estate are sectors that can yield significant ROI (Return on Investment) with  exponential development made in these areas.

Our Aim

- We have left room in our business model for the acquisition of smaller businesses within the market with tried and tested investments and a strong client base that we can improve up on whilst simultaneously benefiting from their place in the market.
- We aim to establish working relationships with companies that have the market position and brand strength to successfully compete on a global scale. Our investments will be carefully researched and we will communicate with our shareholders and our investors in businesses ensuring room for continuous growth and profit.

Our Belief

At Asala Al Muhafidha Trading we believe that being realistic is the most commonly travelled path to mediocrity and as such we have managed to expand our expertise globally. We also believe that it is our obligation to bring the vast knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated from around the globe to invest in and enhance our already well-established and robust portfolio in various profitable market areas ensuring room growth.

Our philosophy

The Asala Group has also entered into the field of commodities such as sugar, grains, herbs and spices. We have a strong logistical network that helps with global distribution in accordance with demand.